Adult Piano Group Class Studio

Studio Membership

Studio membership includes a weekly class time, as well as performances in recitals and concerts. 

You will be required to sign contracts at the first lesson to become a member and  show willingness to abide by the regulations found in the studio policies.



Tuition is flat rate and is charged monthly on the 1st of each month.

A Registration fee of $25 per student is required at the start of class for the purchase of materials. 

The monthly tuition for group lessons is $58 per month, due by the last day of each month. 

Payment Options

All tuition accrued by the end of the session is to be paid in full by the last lesson. Students owing tuition the day after the end of the current session may not re-enroll until the remaining balance is paid. 


Late Fees

Late fees are added on the last day of each month if the account is not at $0 by 8 PM 

Methods of Payment:

  • Credit/Debit via studio payment kiosk (coming soon!)

  • Studio website link (PayPal)

  • Check

  • Cash is not an accepted form of payment



Because of the nature of the class, makeups are not given for missed classes. If you miss a class, you may get the notes from the teacher or a classmate. 


Credits are only reserved for weather and teacher cancellations.

Inclement Weather: If Dwight Township schools close, we will not have class. When weather related closings occur, a credit will be applied to the student’s account.

Summer: Summer lessons are required for all private lesson students, but not those in group class. However, if you choose to sit out group during the summer, your spot may be gone in the fall.  

Sickness & Hygiene

Students should not come if they have any visible signs of sickness, are contagious, or do not feel well.

Prior to the class time, the student should use the restroom and wash their hands to minimize germs. Fingernails should also be clipped at a shorter length to accommodate a proper hand position.


Although practice is not required outside of class, it is recommended to practice throughout the week. If you do not have a keyboard or piano, talk to the teacher for recommended pianos to rent or purchase.


General Involvement & Communication

Please silence all electronics before the start of class. 

You may communicate with the teacher either before or after the lesson to talk through student progress, issues, or general questions.

Information regarding recitals, contests, and general studio information will be sent via email. 


Media Release

Photos, video, and audio recordings of students and/or performances may be posted via public media for promotional materials. Identifying information will be excluded or limited to first names only. If you wish to be exempt from any published media, you may do so by providing a written request.


Contacting the Teacher

Students may contact the teacher at any time via email, text, or call. 

Feel free to leave a voicemail if the teacher does not answer.

Please allow one full business day for responses Monday through Friday and two full business days for the weekend.


General Behavior Guidelines

Classes are a privilege to each student and must be treated as such. Students should be respectful to the teacher, other students, and property in the studio.

Running is not allowed, and talking should be done in a modest manner. Please do not bring children along to class. Profanity and inappropriate behavior by any person is not tolerated.

Last updated: 11/07/2019